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Mufflers by Aeroturbine
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Performance ExhaustSee It, Hear It!

"The Only One of its Kind!"
Aeroturbine Muffler
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Feel the unmistakable power and performance of the AeroTurbine exhaust system. Every car, truck, and SUV equipped with the patented AeroTurbine will become more powerful while using less fuel.
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Aero Performance Exhaust and Performance Muffler Technology allows your car, truck, diesel truck, or SUV to increase engine performance, increase fuel economy, increase torque, and greatly increase horsepower. Our performance exhaust systems have been tested against all the top name exhaust systems on the market and nothing compares to the incredible performance enhancement that your vehicle experiences with Aero Exhaust Mufflers. You have found the absolute best after market muffler available. Racing teams, Drift teams, and simple hard hauling drivers have all made Aero Exhaust their preferred exhaust system. You need not look any further, this is your muffler system.

Buy with confidence knowing that our product is a NASCAR Performance part and comes with a lifetime warranty

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Aeroturbine Testimonials
Aeroturbine Benefits Include:

  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Temperature
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Increased Torque
  • Increased Engine Longevity
  • Reduced Backpressure

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Most people are skeptical when they first hear our claims about our accelerative exhaust technology. And why shouldn't they be? Never before has a muffler product claimed to add performance to straight-pipe exhaust. In fact, the most daring claim other muffler manufacturers will make is that their products don't restrict the flow of exhaust. The Aeroturbine actually accelerates the flow of the exhaust.
Aeroturbine - How Does It Work?

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One technician stated "I have yet to see an engine that made more power with a muffler than an open header exhaust." That was before he tested an Aeroturbine. He now eagerly submits to our testimonials. Read what other professional technicians are saying about our product in our testimonials section.

If you want to enjoy increased performance, reduced temperature, and increased fuel economy, you need an Aeroturbine today! See our test results to see how the Aeroturbine has improved diesel truck exhaust, SUV exhaust, import exhaust, and many others.


All Aeroturbine mufflers are manufactured using the highest quality welded 304 polished stainless steel, inside and out! All Aeroturbine mufflers come with a Lifetime Warranty.

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We've collected images and sound recordings from some of the vehicles on which the Aeroturbine has been installed. We encourage you to play a sound clip and view an image of the vehicle that interests you!
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Turbine Series Mufflers by Aero Exhaust

The Aero Exhaust Turbine Series Muffler is the original Aero Exhaust muffler. This performance muffler is the ultimate muffler for performance and fuel mileage increases.

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Original Aero Turbine Performance Muffler

Turbine XL Series Mufflers by Aero Exhaust

The Aero Exhaust Turbine XL series is composed of high quality 304 stainless steel, embossed with our signature Aero Turbine logo and polished to a mirror finish. Inside all Turbine XL series mufflers is a high temperature ceramic acoustic material which is also found in the packing of our Aero Exhaust Stealth series mufflers. The Turbine XL also features the same Air foil cone muffler technology found in the Turbine Series Exhaust, combining the best of both performance and sound quality for your vehicle.

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Performance Muffler
by Aero Exhaust

 If you are looking for a smooth tone while maintaining the high performance output, the Aero Exhaust Turbine XL muffler is the muffler for you.


Stealth Line Mufflers

The Aero Exhaust Stealth line of Mufflers is a quiet alternative to the Aero Exhaust Turbine Series and Aero Exhaust Turbine XL Exhaust systems. The Stealth line mufflers are designed to compete with Magnaflow performance exhaust. The Stealth line is made to better the Magnaflow muffler by accomplishing the same results with a higher quality product at a fraction of the price.

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 Stealth Line Mufflers by Aero Exhaust


When used with the Aero Exhaust muffler,
resonators will give you a mellow exhaust sound
without hampering power and performance.


Aeroturbine Promo Video
Many customers have been asking for copies of our popular Promo Video, so we've made it available for download. There are several options to suit your bandwidth needs:

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Aeroturbine - How Does It Work?

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